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Cead mile fealte - A Hundred Thousand Welcomes

Home Page and Introduction

Welcome to the refreshed Fogarty Family Website.  Basically the last site went into disrepair because BT (British Telecom) and Yahoo stopped providing free web space to UK users.  Having shut down this service I was unable to maintain the site - that is when I remembered to update it!  The site is now hosted by another provider - at a small cost.

It is a pretty basic site - but I hope it serves its purpose of providing some useful Fogarty/Fogerty related information to interested site visitors.

Let me know if there are any broken links or other errors - via the Guestbook or email.

Although my branch (allegedly) comes from Co. Tipperary, via Ballycastle, Co. Antrim, this site is for all Fogartys!

Any Fogartys and others interested in family history can have a look at some Fogarty genealogical information posted on the site - see the Research Sources page. There is also some general information about the origins of the family name on the General Fogarty Information page. This page includes a few links to "famous" Fogartys/Fogertys and other sites linked to the Fogarty name.

UPDATE: (as of May 2013)

NEW Researchers - I have done another very belated update to the list of Fogarty Researchers. If I've missed anyone, or your details have changed, please email me. This is very likely since I mistakenly deleted a year's worth of feedback on the Guestbook!

  • The Ryan family, who now own Castle Fogarty, did start developing their own site with a range of information about the castle but the website at seems to have been abandoned. Don't forget that you can find photos of Castle Fogarty (from September 2008) on FlickR. You will also find photos on FlickR from Drom Cemetery a small village close to Borrisoleigh.
  • If you fancy staying in a castle with Fogarty heritage you could try Killahara Castle. Allegedly built by the Donagh O'Fogartie in about 1550.  The family subsequently lost ownership although "Black Jack" Fogarty attempted to retake ownership in the mid C19th.  The castle was restored in 2008 and can now be rented out - or you can buy it!
  • Fogartys from Thurles - This is a piece of ancestral family history was produced by Stephan Bray. It tells the story of Daniel and Bridget Fogarty and their ancestors. You can open/download it from the Fogarty Research Sources page.
  • Baillie Family Research - The Ulster Historical Foundation recently did some research on my Grandmother, Sarah's family. Sarah was one of a very large Baillie family from Co Antrim. The document can be opened/downloaded from the Fogarty Research Sources page.
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