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Apologies but this page has been only intermittedly updated since June 2007 - so may well be rather out of date.

If you would like to be added to this list (or update the entry), please email me with your name, address, locality and information on your earliest Fogarty ancestor. In addition let me know if you want your details amended or removed. Thanks. 

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 1 Greg Clarke
Canada Patrick B. Fogarty married Dora Mahoney circa 1913, Ireland.
 2 Ted Como
USA Timothy Fogarty, born Dec. 25, 1809, Co. Tipperary, Ireland, died Jan. 22, 1904. Ogdensburg, NY, married Martha Flood, born 1811 Ireland, died Oct. 21, 1886, Ogdensburg, NY. Daughter, Hannah Fogarty, born 1834, Ireland, died June 23, 1889
 3 Karen Doherty
USA Bridget Fogarty, born in Ireland; married Patrick Graham, believed to have been born in Ireland; Five known children: 1. Thomas, born 1848 in Southwick, Durham, England; 2. Owen, born 1850, same birthplace; 3. James, born 1854, same; 4. Patrick, born 1855 in England; 5. Michael, born 1856 in England; Bridget died in 1856 during childbirth or complications thereof.
 4 Alan Keith Fogarty
Australia James Fogarty, born circa 1815 (son of James & Kelly Fogarty), died Aug. 171884 in Australia; married Grace Halford, born circa 1815 (daughter of Richard Halford & Grace Holton), died June 24, 1893 in Australia. Arrived in Australia in 1851 with 2 sons: #1.William, born circa 1839 in Leicester, England; married Eliza Lucilla Burns, Sept. 10,1867 in Australia; died Aug. 27, 1904 in Australia: had the following children all born in Sandhurst, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia: Annie Lucille, born circa 1869, died Nov. 16, 1891; William James, born circa 1871, died Aug. 3, 1886; Edith May, born circa 1874, died Oct. 12, 1960; Henry Arthur, born circa 1876 died Dec. 4, 1945; Eliza Gertrude, born circa 1878 died Nov. 29, 1905; Mary Louise, born April 6, 1880 died Aug. 16, 1950; Thomas Burns, born April 28 1882, married June 4, 1906, died Aug. 19, 1974 & #2.James, born circa 1835 possibly in Leicester England; married Mary McDonald, March 10, 1860 died Oct. 14, 1874; had the following children: Mary, born 1867, married Ferdinand Otto Lauge 1889, Frances Williams, born 1875, married James Perry in 1899 & had 2 children: Alice Bradfield Perry born June 6, 1900; & Marie Perry, born 1912.
 5 Brian M Fogarty
USA James Fogarty, born circa 1780, Co. Tipperary, Ireland; married Mary Sullivan in Killarkey, Co. Kerry, Ireland; son named James Fogarty
 6 Chris Fogarty
USA Kieran Fogarty, born 1839, Ballykealy, Durrow, Co. Laois (Leix), Ireland, died 1924.
 7 Bridget Fogarty
British Columbia
Canada William Timothy Fogarty, born 1793, Tipperary, Ireland; married circa 1820, emigrated to Nova Scotia circa 1820; died 1853, Canso, Nova Scotia, Canada; wife: Elizabeth, born 1799 in Tipperary, Ireland; died 1849, Canso, Nova Scotia; son: Michael, born 1821 in Nova Scotia; married Ann Delany, born in Newfoundland; son: John, born circa 1823 in Nova Scotia, moved to Worcester, Massachusetts, USA; son: William, born circa 1825 in Nova Scotia; son: Thomas, born 1828 in Nova Scotia; married Elizabeth; also had two daughters.
 8 Jim & Becky Fogarty
USA John Fogarty, born 1820-21, Ireland; emigrated to USA; married Mary Little 1845-46: lived in Schuylkill Co., Pennsylvania in 1860; signed Declaration of Intent in 1845, and Naturalization Papers in 1848; children (all born in PA): Elizabeth, born 1847; Lawrence, born 1848; Mary, born 1851; Catherine, born 1853 (believed to have died before 1860 census), James, born 1855; Ellen, born 1860.
 9 Jim Fogarty
USA William Fogarty, born 1820 in Co. Tipperary, Ireland; emigrated to New York with 3 brothers & a sister; moved to Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada, with brother Pat, & sister Kitty, to live with a brother that had emigrated earlier; married Mary Anne Leahy, and his brother married a Leahy as well; William’s family moved to Streeter, Ill. in 1867, then to Cornell, Illinois, then purchased land in Greene Co., Iowa in 1891. William & Mary Anne’s children: 7 sons & 2 daughters: eldest son was Daniel Fogarty, born Aug. 27, 1860 in Ingersoll, Ontario; married Ella Duffy, April 18, 1887, in Pontiac, Illinois.
 10 Tom Fogarty, brother of Jim above William Fogarty (same as above)
 11 Joan Fogarty
Canada Fogarty, Newfoundland, Canada
 12 John Fogarty
England Fogarty, Ninemilehouse, Co. Tipperary, Ireland.
 13 John Fogarty
England Joseph Fogarty, born 1835, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland; married Sarah (nee: Kennedy?), born in Ireland.
 14 John L Fogarty
USA Cornelius Fogarty, born 1849, Ballycahill, Co. Tipperary, Ireland; son of Denis Fogarty & Winnifred Purcell, who lived in a house 300 yards from Castle Fogarty; Cornelius emigrated to the USA in the 1860’s, & settled in Watervliet, New York, & owned a furniture store in Troy, NY, until his death in 1918.
 15 Mark Fogarty, brother of John above
 16 John M Fogarty
USA John Malachy Fogarty, born 1886, in Chicago, Illinois, USA & died there in1928; married Katherine Lavin, born 1891 in Sligo, Co. Mayo, Ireland, & died 1956 in Chicago; 3 children: 1.John; 2.Steven; 3.Loraine.
 17 John T Fogarty
USA Edward Fogerty, born circa 1841, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland; landed at Philadelphia, PA, USA, September 3rd, 1864; applied for citizenship Dec. 3rd, 1865; married Mary Lawless in Harrisburg, PA(?); 5 children: John, Edward, Eugene, ? & ?.
 18 Kevin G Fogarty
USA James Francis Fogarty, born 1898 in Kildare & Leighlin, Co. Queens(Leix), Ireland, son of Keeran Fogarty & Bridget Cullerton.
 19 Margaret D Fogarty

Patrick Fogarty of Co. Tipperary, Ireland, married cousin, Elizabeth Fogarty, in the early 1800’s; had 8 sons, of which one was Edward Fogarty, born December 5th, 1829 in Devilsbit, Co. Tipperary, Ireland; who fled Ireland in 1848, & was followed by brothers; ended up in the USA; married Mary Sarah Clark (b. 1837), and had 12 children in Troy, Illinois.

 20 Margaret Rose Fogarty
USA Eugene Fogarty married Anna Kirby, late 1800’s, Harrisburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, 3 sons: Eugene Fogarty, Charles Kirby Fogarty & Thomas Fogarty.
 21 Maureen Fogarty
New Mexico
USA Eugene Fogarty (same as above)
 22 Michael Fogarty
England Colour Sergeant Joseph Fogarty, born circa 1850, Connaught Rangers, Co. Galway, Ireland.
 23 Nancy Fogarty

Patrick Fogarty of Co. Tipperary, Ireland, married cousin, Elizabeth Fogarty, in the early 1800’s; had 8 sons of which one was, Edward Fogarty, born December 5th, 1829 in Devilsbit, Co. Tipperary, Ireland; who fled Ireland in 1848, & was followed by brothers, ended up in the USA; married Mary Sarah Clark (b. 1837), and had 12 children in Troy, Illinois: 1.Elizabeth Ellen, born 1858, married Fred Eastergreen; 2.Francis Patrick, born 1861, married Elizabeth Costello; 3.Catherine J., born 1863, married James P.Murphy; 4.William A., born 1865, married Mary E. Kelly; 5.Joseph, born 1868, married Katie Daley; 6.Edward, born 1870, married Katie McCafferty; 7. John L., born 1873, never married; 8.Hugh K., 1878 - 1893; 9.James Albert, 1875 - 1893; 10. Mary Marguerite, born 1880, married John Charles Foster; & 2 children died in infancy; moved to & settled in O’Connor Village, Greely County, Nebraska; where both are buried.

 24 James D Fogarty, brother of Nancy above Patrick Fogarty (same as above)
 25 Neil Daniel Fogarty
England Albert Fogarty married Ada Flaherty, circa 1940, Birmingham, England.
 26 Peter Fogarty
Australia O’Fogarty, Co. Tipperary, Ireland, to Australia.
 27 Phillip John Fogarty
Australia Michael Fogarty, transported to Australia in early 1800’s from Tipperary, Ireland, settled in Boorowa, NSW, Australia.
 28 Quentin Fogarty
Australia James Fogarty married Margaret Kirk, both born & died in Ireland; son, Thomas, born 1840 Ireland; married Mary Flynn, born 1840, Ireland; moved to New Zealand; son, James, born July 11, 1868, Christchurch, New Zealand; married Annie Jane Cahill, born 1870, Invercargill, New Zealand son, Edward, born Nov. 10, 1903, Invercarhill, NZ
 29 Robert Michael Fogarty
USA Brothers, Robert & John Fogarty, born in Ireland; moved to USA with their father, circa 1890, arrived in New York, worked there, and then moved to Michigan, where they bought a farm. Mother passed away in Ireland.
 30 Terry Fogarty
Australia Michael Fogarty, son of James Fogarty & Judith Ryan, born 1799, Burgess, Co. Tipperary, Ireland; transported to Australia 1828; married 2nd wife, Margaret Spencer, Aug.13, 1845, in Boorowa, NSW, Australia, and settled there.
 31 Thurman A Fogarty
USA Arthur H. Fogarty; born to a Fogarty father in Louisville, Kentucky, USA, who had 7 brothers; Arthur’s son, Thurman A. Fogarty, born March 4th, 1926,in Oroville, California, USA.
 32 Tim Fogarty
England John Fogarty, born March 3,1884, possibly in Borrisoleigh, Co. Tipperary; brothers believed to be James & Denis; John travelled with work to Ballycastle, Co. Antrim, where he met and married Jane O’Hara; they both died early in Co. Antrim, leaving their two children, Edward Joseph & Margaret Mary, orphaned; adopted by their O’Hara Grandparents.
 33 Tom & Seth Fogarty
USA James Fogarty, born 1842, Tipperary, Ireland; married circa 1868, Tipperary; emigrated to New York 1870; died in Hemlock, New York in 1925; wife: Ellen Ryan, born Tipperary, Ireland in 1837; died in Hemlock, New York in 1907; had 7 children: 1.Geneve, born 1868 in Tipperary, Ireland; married William Harvey, died 1958 in Lima, NY; 2.James, born 1870 in Hemlock, NY; married Cary; died 1862 in Hemlock, NY; 3.John, born 1874 in Hemlock, NY; never married; died 1942; 4.Dennis, born 1875 in Hemlock, NY; married Helen; died 1943 in Buffalo, NY; 5.William, born 1876 in Hemlock, NY; 1st wife Blanche; 2nd wife unknown; died 1950 in Hemlock, NY; 6.Thomas Edward, born 1879 in Hemlock, NY; policeman in Buffalo, NY, & owned detective agency, “Fogarty & Silverman”; died 1952 in Hemlock, NY;(total of 7 children);1st wife’s name unknown; 2nd wife, Francis Moritz; 3rd wife, Catherine Hildegard Hoesel; 7.Joseph, born 1885 in Hemlock, NY; married Bertha; died 1992 in Hudson, NY.
 34 Cheryl Fogarty-Verra
New Hampshire
USA Martin Fogarty (one of 7 brothers), born in Thurles, Co. Tipperary, Ireland; moved to Prince Edward Island, Canada; married Lavinia Axworthy in 1849 in PEI; son, George, married Jessie O’Hara in 1885 PEI; George & Jessie’s son, Anselm, moved to & settled in Dover, New Hampshire, USA.
 35 Roberta Fraser
Nova Scotia
Canada William Fogarty (born circa 1830), married Bridget Ryan (born circa 1833), on Jan. 6th, 1854 (place unknown); lived in Wallingford, Connecticut at one point; had 10 children; 4 were as follows: Cornelius, born1862 & died as infant; Female, born 1865; Cornelius, born May 19th, 1867; Rose Elizabeth, youngest child) born Sept. 18, 1873, Kensington, Connecticut, USA.
 36 Noel Gorman
Ireland My father married Joan Fogarty whose father Thomas Fogarty was from Templemore in Co Tipperary. His father William married Johanna surname unknown. Thomas married Johanna Sheehan who was born in Co Wexford. Her mother Helen Carney died while giving birth to Johanna in 1905. And her father Thomas Sheehan died about 1912 - after which the family farm had to be sold.
 37 Barbara J Gray
USA The following Fogartys of Knoxville, Tennessee: Paul Thomas Fogarty, born 1923; married 1946 to Ellen Lanvin Cook, born 1925; 6 children as follows: 1.Patricia Ellen, born 1947; married Kenneth Eugene Slaggle; 2.Paul Joseph, born 1948; married Sharon Bach; 3.Irene Lavina, born 1951; 1st husband, Larry Fansler; 2nd husband, Michael Carney; 4.Mary Elizbeth, born 1954; married Ronald Morgan; 5.Theresa Ann, born1959; 6.Michael David, born 1963; 1st wife, Irene: 2nd wife, Deborah Nue.
 38 David Hull
USA Patrick Fogarty, born 1778, died Dec. 7th, 1835, buried Clogh, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland, married Ellen Walsh.
 39 Stephen W Johnson
USA Elizabeth (nee ?) Fogarty, born 1824, Co. Tipperary, Ireland; widowed by 1880 & living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with 2 sons; John, born 1858 & Michael, born 1860.
 40 Edward Kelly
Australia John Fogarty of Templemore, Co. Tipperary, Ireland; married Margaret Brophy; both deceased before Jan. 1879; Children: 1. John Joseph, born circa 1832 in Templemore, Co. Tipperary, Ireland; married Margaret Kennedy at Grenanstown near Toomevara, Co. Tipperary, Feb. 26, 1870; emigrated to Australia with 4 children on the”Northampton”, arrived in Sydney, January12, 1879; 2.Michael, born November 16, 1834, in Templemore; 3. Mary (Polly), born circa 1836; 4. Patrick, born October 1838; 5. Ellen, born1841 in Templemore, assumed to have died in infancy; 6. Ellen, born 1844 in Templemore. Also researching Ann Fogarty, born 1797; parents were John Fogarty & Mary Morris(se)y; married Robert N. Carden, who died at his residence in Templemore, December 24, 1850.
 41 Bill Matthews
USA Martin Fogarty Jr., born Co. Tipperary, Ireland, lived in Charlottetown, PEI, Canada, in the early 1840’s, owned a carriage shop, married Lavinia Axworthy; father was Martin Fogarty Sr.; mother was Bridget Walsh; siblings were John, Matthew, Patrick, Thomas, Michael, William & Timothy.
 42 Terence P Murrihy
Australia Searching (Australia) for descendants of Patrick Fogarty (1858-1926) & Mary Murrihy (1859-1835); or descendants of James Fogarty & Bridget Murrihy (b.1866). Children of Patrick & Mary Fogarty: 1.Elizabeth (1878-1952) married James McGrath; 2.Murtagh married Jeanette Cook; 3.Michael (1883-1926) married Eliza Tyzack; 4.John; 5.Patrick married Daisy Anderson; 6.Daniel married Avina (Sissy) Quirk; 7.Maryann (Annie) (b. 1895) married Albert McGrath; 8.James (b.1898); 9.Laurie (male,b.1900) married Vonnie Boarden. Children of James & Bridget Fogarty: 1. Elizabeth(b. 1897); 2.Mary married Thomas Greenlish; 3.John (1899-1967) married Evelyn Sharkey (d.1996); 4.Winifred (b.1901) married Patrick McClusky; 5.Margaret (b.1903)-Sister Mary Prisca; 6.Patrick (1907-1907); 7.Bridget (b.1909); 8.Eileen (1910-1957) married John O’Toole (d.1996).
 43 Denis Noel
New Brunswick
Canada Patrick Fogarty, born early 1800’s, Carbonear, Newfoundland, Canada; married Mary Kennedy born 1828 of same birthplace, died 1929, Bonne Bay, Newfoundland; children: Ellen Francis born 1855, Richard born 1859, William born 1861, James born 1865, Catherine born 1869, Elizabeth born 1872.
 44 Bill Norin
USA Ellen Fogarty, born circa 1837 in Ireland, emigrated to the United States in 1842, on the ‘Europa’, along with twin Judith, sisters Margaret & Mary (b 1825), and mother or aunt Bridget Fogarty; may have lived in a convent at some point; then moved west to the gold fields; married in Benicia, Calif., in 1857; moved to San Louis Obispo Co., in Central California, where she raised her family.
 45 Joseph L Pollard
USA Mary Fogarty married John Pollard, circa 1840, Ireland, Emigrated to USA circa 1847, buried Illinois, USA.
 46 Cherie Putnam
New York
USA Bridget Fogarty married John Corcoran in1855, Upperchurch & Drumbane, Co. Tipperary, Ireland, had 6 children;(all Corcorans) John b. 1856, Catherine b. 1857, Patrick b. 1858, William Fogarty b. 1859, Phillip b. 1860, James Patrick b. 1862. Bridget Fogarty’s siblings; John, Mary, William, Margaret. James Patrick & Phillip Corcoran immigrated 1883 to Syracuse, NY, USA, and was joined by cousins (all Fogartys) Johanna (who married Patrick Bradshaw), Anne, Julia & possibly John, all born circa 1870-1880’s
 47 George Rose
Nova Scotia
Canda Fogartys that married into his Doyle family of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, as follows: Michael Fogarty, father of: 1. Michael Fogarty, married Alice Virginia Doyle, born 1860, Isle Madame, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, died 1904; & 2. Lillian Fogarty, married to ? MacDonald. Also, John H. Doyle, born 1864, Isle Madame, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, died in Sydney, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia; married Mary Fogarty.
 48  Pat Ross Edmond Fogarty, son of Edmond Fogarty of Killoran, Co. Tipperary married Kate Holohan, daughter of William Holohan of The Islands, Urlingford, Co. Tipperary, on August 26, 1886 in Urlingford, Co. Tipperary; Children: 1.Ellen Fogarty, born July 15, 1887,Killoran, Moyne, Co. Tipperary, died March 16,1970, Wrentham, Mass., USA; 2.Catherine Fogarty, born Oct. 6, 1889, Killoran; died Nov. 9, 1921, Boston, Mass., USA; 3.Edmund Fogarty, born Nov. 29, 1891, Killoran, died 1926(?), Urlingford, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland.
 49 Johnette Sanchez James A. Fogarty, born 1875, was a dentist in Melrose, Iowa, USA, died 1938; Children: 1.Mary Louise Fogarty, born Neola, Iowa, grew up in Melrose Iowa; 2. James Fogarty, lived in Pendleton, Oregon; 3. Bernice Fogarty, lived in Pendleton, Oregon.
 50 Joseph Smith Elizabeth Fogarty, born 1850, Ireland; married James F. Smith; died March 15, 1902, Philadelphia, PA, USA.
 51 Mona Mary Ann Fogarty, born 1830 in Indiana, USA; parents immigrated from Co. Tipperary, Ireland, circa 1820-30; married Ira Allen Steadman in Macon Co., MO, USA.
 52 Jerry Fogarty Father, William Martin Fogarty born 1888 in Minnesota Died 1962 Minnesota. Eight in his family -Susan, Anna, Joseph. Robert, Edward, Louella, Leo and Leonard. His father Jeremiah Henry Fogarty Born September 1854 (Illinois?) Died 1909 Minnesota. Wife - Susanna Morrison Born July 1858 (?) Died Minnesota 1920.  His father Joseph Fogarty born 1819 - Ireland – Died 1902 (Illinois?) Wife Susan Lawler born 1818 - Ireland Died?
 53 Jane Born
USA Father, James Fogarty originally from the Boston, Massachusetts area. Most of our relatives live in New England. My grandfather is John Fogarty – originally from Worcester, Massachusetts. His father was from Ireland.
 54 Greg Dorr
USA Ellen Fogarty born ca 1827, arrived in USA from Tipperary ca 1848 via NY, Ohio, Wisconsin, Illinois -accompanied by brothers Patrick Fogarty 1823-1899, his wife Ellen Tierney Fogarty 1823-1893 (both buried in Prairie du Chien, WI), brother Edward Fogarty (I think), and youngest brother Thomas Fogarty ca 1835- 1909 and wife Julia Dempsey (both buried in Wauzeka, Wisconsin). Ellen Fogarty married James Grace in Cleveland 1851. He was killed in Civil War. They had 8 children. She married 1863 to John O'Connor in Prairie du Chien and died in Chicago 1875. Buried Calvary Cemetery. Her second husband John(Kane)O'Connor(Connors) died 1900 in Chicago
 55 Eileen Hupal
USA Patrick Fogarty b: 1833 in Ireland d: 1908 in Ridgefield, Connecticut USA. Buried in St. Mary's Cemetery Ridgefield, CT.. +Ellen Moriarty b: Abt. 1835 in Ireland d: 1917 in Ridgefield, Connecticut USA Buried in St. Mary's Cemetery Ridgefield, CT. John Paul Fogarty Occupation: February 1901 Weaver b: 1862 in Sprague, Connecticut d: July 10, 1917 in Byram, Connecticut +Mary Hammond b: 1864 in Dedham, Massachusetts m: Bet. 1885 - 1895 in Connecticut or Massachusetts d: November 13, 1935 in Port Chester, New York. James W. Fogarty Occupation: 1880 Census Works in a Jeans Mill, Coventry, Tolland, CT b: May 01, 1862 in Connecticut d: March 03, 1899 in Connecticut Abby J. Fogarty b: November 1869 died in her 80's, so family story goes, and never married. Born in Connecticut and possibly died in Rhode Island.
 56 Chuck Fogarty
USA Researching John B Fogarty & Family - John Barron Fogarty was born Apr 26, 1826 in Waterford Ireland. His parents were Thomas Fogarty born abt; 1791 & Eleanor Barron born abt; 1791 married 1812 Kilmacow, Co. Kilkenny. His Grandfather may have been David Fogarty. Thomas & Eleanor Fogarty moved to Co. Waterford, Waterford City. He is listed as a merchant in Waterford census 1821. They had the following children: David Fogarty b:1813, James Fogarty b:1814, Richard Fogarty b:1817, Eleanor Fogarty b:1819 - d: bef 1821, John Fogarty b:1820 – d: bef 1826, Mary Fogarty b;1822, John B Fogarty b: 4/26/1826 – d: 4/24/1892 Waco Texas, Frances Fogarty b: 1828, Ann Fogarty b: 1829, Joseph Fogarty b:1831, Patrick Joseph Fogarty b:1839. I am trying to learn more and what happen to John B Fogarty brothers & sisters and how & when he arrived in America and did he come alone. More information on his parents & grandparents would also be helpful.
 57 Marion Fogarty
USA I am searching for any information on a Arthur Herbert Fogarty who married a Harriet Ramona Thurman, both of them have died. Arthur's father was Arthur A Fogarty and he married a Elizabeth Chapman. Arthur migrated to California leaving his family and six or seven brothers who he never had any furthur contact with. We know there must be several families who are related to us, however we do not know any of them. Somehow my husband believes that they lived in Louisville, Ky but not sure if that is correct. We would appreciate any information we could get.
 58 Martha Ahiquist
USA James and Mary (Davis) Fogarty lived in Syracuse, NY, ca. 1880's until their deaths in 1920's. James was an engineer on NY RR and was killed in a train accident. 3 children: Martha, Mary (m. Edward Byrne), and Charles. Mary Davis was born in Ireland to par. Charles and Mary (Hagarty) Davis
 59 Carol Dale
Australia Andrew Fogarty, born 1804, Templemore Ireland, parents John and Mary married Margaret Woodlock, Feb 1834 in Loughmore. Emigrated to Australia with 8 children in 1852 under an assisted immigration scheme. Settled in Nundle, NSW
 60 Sandy Fife
Australia Margaret Fogarty, parents, date & place of birth unknown. Margaret was committed at Bristol on 23.10.1794 for stealing; she was convicted & was initially to be hanged, but this sentence was respited. On 31.3.1796 Margaret Fogarty was pardoned on condition that she be transported to the East Coast of NSW for 14 years.  She arrived in Sydney, NSW per "Britannia"(2) on 18/7/1798. Gov King granted Margaret a Ticket of Leave on 18/11/1801, a Conditional Pardon on 18/1/1802, and a Free Pardon 19/6/1803. Her first known marriage was to Andrew Golder, (not sure where or when) & they had 2 daughters named Mary. She then had a relationship with another Sydney Cove convict ,Richard Cheers, & they had 3 children - Richard (b.1802), John (b.1804) & Harriet (b.1806). Margaret died in Sydney aged 32 in August 1810, and was buried under her maiden name Fogarty.
 61 Cate Johanna Fogarty Grady who was born around 1877 in Ireland. She was the daughter of Michael Fogarty and Margaret Gorman of the Black Boy Pike, Limerick City. She went to NYC in the 1890's to her sister, Kate Fogarty McCarthy. Many of their siblings came to NYC as well as their mother, Margaret Gorman Fogarty. Johanna (aka Ann or Annie) died in 1947 in Queens County NY.
 62 Kathleen Fogarty-Douglas
USA Nicholas Fogarty from Waterford; father probably John; brother probably Michael; cousin Patrick. Nicholas b. c. 1840, emigrated probably mid 1850's along with John, Michael and Patrick. Nicholas married Mary Keough in 1864, St. Peter's Baltimore. Nicholas's son Philip m Catherine Clarke 1899, Our Lady of Good Counsel, Baltimore. His son Gerald m. Ellen McHugh St Patrick's 1930. They were my parents.
 63 Alli Vince
New Zealand My great grandfather was Patrick Fogarty from Mullinaghlough (formerly Kilvennon also Millinahow from1809) Parish Co Tipperary born either 1847 or 1849. Emigrated to Dunedin NZ about 1878. Married Mary McGrath from Soloherd Co Tipperary in Dunedin 21.04.1880.
 64 Heather Dell
UK I am researching Norah Fogarty born 22 January 1898 to Bridget Meara and John Fogarty in Moyne, Thurles, Tipperary. I am unable to find out any more info about John and Bridget but Bridget had a sister called Nannis Meara who registered Norah's birth. John possibly moved to Liverpool in England at some time and Norah had a baby in Willesden in 1933 named Joan. Joan is my aunt by marriage and would like to know more about her family
 65 Karyn Kruse James Fogarty, born circa 1815, son of James and Mary Fogarty (nee Kelly), died 1884 in Sandhurst, Victoria. Married Grace Halford, born circa 1815, daughter of Richard & Grace Halford (nee Holton/Halton), died 1893 in Bendigo, Australia. Produced four children, James, William, Mary, Betsy. James (born Leicester circa 1836) married Mary MacDonald (born Dunbarton, Scotland circa 1837). Grace Ellen/Eleanor Fogarty was born to James and Mary on 16th July 1861 in Golden Square, Bendigo. Grace Fogarty married John Turnbull Cook (born County Durham circa 1851) in Golden Square in 1888. Together they had six children, Halton, Eleanor, Margaret, James, Sydney and John. Grace Fogarty died, a widow, in 1941.
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